We have helped many advocacy programs implement AIR in their communities and we can help you, too.

We can:

  • Present to your community about AIR, what it takes to create a successful program, the benefits of AIR, and more.
  • Think through with you how to present this to your law enforcement agencies and engage them in the process.
  • Help you plan for a meeting to talk with your community’s Sheriff or Chief about support from law enforcement for AIR.
  • Brainstorm strategies for overcoming information-sharing obstacles.
  • Advise you in creating the internal infrastructure to support AIR, including building your program’s capacity to engage with survivors in culturally relevant ways.
  • Connect you with other technical assistance providers who can support you in working with immigrant, LEP, Deaf/HoH or LGBTQIA survivors.

Email: info@praxisinternational.org